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How Did Bath Bombs Come To Be?

Bath bombs have been around since 1989 when they were discovered by Mo Constantine who co-founded Lush. The fizzing was achieved by combining baking soda and citric acid. Granted, these bath bombs are formulated from all natural ingredients making them safe and mild for use by all people.

The above two are the primary ingredients making bath bombs, but later on, other ingredients were added to make the bath bombs comfortable to use and ensure they have a glamorous effect.

Some of the ingredients that have been added include pigments, flower petals, glitter and essential oils. On top of this, Epsom salts were added to soothe muscles.

Most of the bath bombs on the market are geared towards being comfortable and easy to use while having extra benefits on the skin. The good brands will have naturally derived essential oils such as lemongrass and lavender to give not only scents but also therapeutic experience.

How Did Bath Bombs Come To Be

Are Bath Bombs Safe on Your Skin?

Bath bombs are mild, even milder than soaps in most cases and as such, you can use them on any type of skin with no side effects.

There are different essential oils used to formulate these bath bombs, and users only need to choose what they are not allergic to and meet their fragrance preferences. Good bath bombs have to meet ECOCERT cosmetic standards.

The Lush bath bombs are formulated using vegetarian products, and this makes them safe for different skins. They have safe cosmetic colors and dyes such as gardenia extract. Even then, you need to ensure that you check the ingredients to ensure you have the best.

What Are Bath Bomb Types

Bath bombs can only be classified based on their fragrances and colors and shapes. Most of the bombs are spherical, but other shapes are also available. When choosing you will only need to choose between different fragrances and colors to meet your needs.

The sparkles that linger in your bathtub and the one that is left on your skin should also be considered when you’re selecting a good bath bomb. The best glitters should be non-plastic to make them safe and make them last for long. So, there are no different types, just different ingredients making up the bath bombs.

Understanding What Are Bath Bombs to Get the Best Out Of Them

Wrapping Up

Bath bombs are simple for those wondering what bath bombs are; they are little ball you add to your bath water to add fragrance and feel rejuvenated after a shower. You will need to understand what they are made of to choose one that will meet your needs succinctly and have no side effects.

Now that you know what bath bombs are and what they are made of, go ahead and get wholesale bath balls online or buy a few for home use. To learn how you can get the best bath bombs online, follow us at https://www.bathbombbootcamp.com/ today!

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