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How to Make the Most of Your Home Decoration Project

Spacious home decorationWe already are familiar with the saying “there is no place like home.” Our home is where we can relax and do anything comfortably without minding if somebody is watching over us. It is technically our permanent dwelling area, our personal space. Whether it’s updating your current set of pots and pans in the kitchen (click here for more on this topic), installing a fish tank from Fishboxpro or an entire overhaul of your bathroom, there are many options at your disposal. That is why many of us tend to put so much effort decorating our home — to have a personalized space. But often, we become too overwhelmed decorating our home that it will end up becoming “overly decorated.” And it wouldn’t look as good as what we imagined it to be.

To help you decorate your home, consider these tips and suggestions to give you an idea on what to consider before plunging in, so you can avoid mistakes and unwise spending.

Home Decoration Tips and Tricks

Analyze the size of your space. Decorating can be overwhelming. Some times we choose the furniture we like the most only to see that it is too large for our home space. Make sure that the size of the furniture that you have chosen will fit into your place. There are already lots of furniture for small spaces available in the market today.

Select a theme. Do you want your decorations minimal or complex? Contemporary or classic? What is your preferred color scheme? Determining which way you want to take your theme will help you narrow down your choices of materials, patterns, colors, and furniture design. It also provides uniformity. Moreover, selecting a theme can help you avoid over-decorating your place.

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Determining the Right Lighting for Your House

Give a look at your lights. The lighting in your place will make a big difference on how it is seen and utilized, so you should start by selecting which ambient light you would like to use.

Some examples of different ambient light include:

  • Warm white
  • Cool white
  • Daylight
  • Combination of all three above ambient schemes

Then proceed to choose your lightings for specific tasks, like study lamps in reading nooks. Finally, add accent lighting or decorative lighting for artworks or centerpieces.

Choosing Your Paint to Match Your Theme

Choose your paint for your ceiling based on the paint you choose for your walls. In order to make the most out of your lighting and theme, you will want your ceiling paint to be slightly lighter than your wall color of choice. It visually helps widen the size of the room by making the ceiling appear higher, giving it a brighter and more spacious effect.

Another great thing you can do to maximize the space of your home decor is to place a mirror on the wall. Mirrors help reflect light, enhance your home design, and give a vast illusion to your home. Large mirrors in small rooms are an excellent choice. Small horizontal mirrors are for narrow hallways. But they may make your home look commercial, depending on the design and placement. Always make sure to install your mirrors at their proper places, and take a look at what they are reflecting.

Adding details, big or small, is also an excellent idea. They can be architectural details or simple fabrics, such as pillow cases, curtains, or wall art. Centerpieces such as lamps, vase, candles, frames and plants or flowers can also be a good choice, too.

These suggestions are the first steps to consider to help you get started in decorating your place. There truly is no place like your personalized space we call home, so decorate it the way you want it.