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Making Loft Beds for Kids Safe

Kids love bunk beds for a variety of reasons, among them the fact that they are elevated. Nevertheless, there are reports of kids who have had injuries resulting from loft beds.

Therefore, loft beds for kids must be designed with safety in mind.

Most countries have set standards for construction of loft beds. For instance, the top bed should have side rails making it safe for use by kids of three years or older.

There are also safety regulations on the attachment of ladder and other parts of the bed. Here’s how to ensure the safety of kids’ loft beds.

Making Loft Beds for Kids Safe

Ensure the Bed is Securely Assembled

Most loft beds will come disassembled, and you have to ensure that you assemble them as the instructions say.

The most important safety part of the loft bed is the ladder and the side rails for the top bed. Secure the rails and the ladder firmly. The ladder should also be strong and wide enough for your kids.

Once you have firmly assembled the bed, place it at the corner of a room ensuring that there are walls on two or three sides of the bed.

This keeps your kids safe from falling on one side of the bed. The bed should also be placed away from windows and light fittings to keep kids from knocking their head on the fixtures.

Allow Only One Kid on the Bed

While the loft bed is fun for kids, they should be discouraged from playing on it. It is also best if only one kid sleeps on it unless all sides are blocked with rails or walls such that when shared, the kids won’t fall over.

You can, for instance, tell the kid that sleeps on the top that they are not to allow anyone into their throne.

For additional safety, you can use a bunk bed blocker to keep the bed from toppling over when the kids are climbing up or down.

Encourage the kids to only use the ladder when climbing on or off the loft bed. You should also ensure that the loft bed is not used as a storage space as this can make it weak.

Repair and Maintain the Loft Beds for Kids

You need to ensure that the loft beds for kids are safe at all times. This can be ensured by running simple maintenance checks and repairs on the beds.

If there are broken parts, repair or replace them immediately and rails that are weak must be replaced.

You need to pay specific attention to the joints as they can get loose over time and become weak.

For a strong, longer-lasting bed, you should use it for the right purpose to avoid wearing it out. It should also be moved carefully if it must, so as not to cause avoidable damages.

Different Ways to Ensure Loft Beds are Safe for Your Kids

What Else Can You Do?

Because you might not prevent all accidents, you should place a thick carpet in your kids’ bedroom to reduce the impact if they fall.

While not all fall in the kids’ bedrooms are a result of loft beds for kids, you should always do your part to keep kids safe if you get them loft beds. Pay attention to the stability of the bed at all times.

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