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Piano Moving Guide

Are you needing to have your upright piano moved to your new home? Pianos are heavy and oddly shaped which makes them a lot harder to move. This is why you need proper equipment to move your piano without causing any damage to it.

Moving your grand pianoPiano Moving Equipment

A piano dolly is necessary to transfer your upright piano from one area to another. If you have a grand or concert style instrument, dollies will not be big enough. The larger the piano is, the bigger moving equipment you will need.

Typically piano movers chicago companies will use one of two types of dollies. The most popular type is the steel dolly. Steel Dollies have wheels which do not move making it a lot easier to move up one or two stairs with your piano. You can also use a swivel dolly. However, swivel dollies typically have issues with the wheels getting caught when trying to move around corners.

Piano board is also needed to move your upright beauty. You can get a piano board in five, six, seven and eight feet. The size you need will depend on the size of your instrument. There are several types of boards available and finding the right one depends on the type of grand you have. Baby Grands, Part of Grands and Concert Grands will all require different moving boards.

You will also need straps to strap around the piano once it is on the dolly. Before putting the straps over your grand, make sure you place blankets and thick moving pads on top of it. The last thing you want is to have your piano getting scratched because it did not have enough padding to protect it. When traveling in a truck with your piano, you want to make sure that the thick pads are in place to protect it from the straps you use.

Preparing to move your pianoMinding Your Music Rack

You need to be careful with your music rack when moving. If you are traveling far distances, it might be best to take off your music stand to make sure it does not get broken during the move. The music rack of your upright piano is easy to remove. Two screws are holding it in place which pop out allowing you to remove your music rack with ease.

How to Use Your Dolly

To get your piano on the dolly, it is recommended that you lift one end of the piano and slide the dolly under it. Make sure your dolly is in the middle of the piano and that in lines up with the back. If you are using the steel dolly we recommended, you will not need to worry about your piano moving around on you. Make sure when you start to take the piano off of the moving truck that you put a pad at the bottom of the truck, and have two people slowly brace it down the moving ramp.

We hope that you have found this guide helpful. If you need any help with getting the proper equipment, make sure you consult the moving company or truck rental place that you hire prior to your move.

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