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Toxic Home Mold Remediation Services

Are you having a problem with allergies like sore eyes, runny nose, sneezing, or nasal congestion at home? Is there a bad odor somewhere in your house? These are some indicators that molds are growing inside your house. Molds are everywhere!

What are molds?

They are microscopic fungi that grow from tiny spores that float around the air all the time. They are harmful to human’s heath as well us to our pets. Moisture and bacteria are the main reason why molds grow at home. Based on research, if you notice mold growth at home you should take action right away. If you do not, it may lead to infestation and can cause more permanent damage to your health and home.

Magnified picture of fungis growth

Types of Molds

Studies show that people in US are exposed to more than 200 various species of molds each day. There are several kinds of molds some are harmful, and some are very dangerous to our health. The most common type of molds are penicillium, ulocladium, acremonium, stachybotrys, cladosporium, aspergillus, and alternaria. Among these six, acremonium, stachybotrys and aspergillus, are the most dangerous and should be removed instantly. Knowing the different types of mold is important because there are specific ways to eradicate each one.

How can you get rid of them?

It is best to determine what caused the mold to grow in order to know how to prevent it in the future. Once molds are identified, seek help from the experts. The professionals will be the ones to determine the methods for prevention and remediation. Several companies offer services to have mold inspection and testing done in Atlanta and other cities and states. Though these companies use chemicals that are harmful to our health and environment, their methods are effective.

Top Companies for Mold Inspection and Testing in Atlanta

  1. Air Allergen and Mold Testing. The tagline of the company is “what you breath matters.” The price for the service can be determined upon the inspection or during the inspection. They provide good service at a low cost.
  2. IDS Mid-Atlantic, LLC. They provide the best biological and chemical decontamination against molds. The company’s reputation is based on service and quality, regardless of the kind of job. They are expert in mold and toxic material test and removal.
  3. SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection, Inc. They conduct a series of mold testing and inspection at your home. The services are backed with years of experience and technical expertise.
  4. Mold Inspection and Testing, Atlanta GA. They offer a great unbiased assessment of homes that are concerned with air quality indoor and molds.

Mold spore inspection and testing

How much does it cost for Mold inspection and testing in Atlanta?

Seeking help from professionals will cost you a certain amount. The cost will depend from the amount of damage. The average home owners spent between $300 to $1200. But it can range from $150 up to $3000. However, you will want to make sure that your home is clear of mold spores that can be harmful to your health at all costs.

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