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How to Start a Tow Service Company

With over 1 billion cars worldwide, the towing industry is thriving with more customers than ever. Tow trucks are used to move improperly parked, impounded, wrecked or immobile motor vehicles. People will request different types of towing services such as moving a vehicle involved and damaged in an accident, returning cars to the road after a mishap or after sliding off during wet weather or transporting vehicles to repair shops. Here are some tips that are essential when starting a Towing Service Company:

Know What Truck You Need

Five types of tow trucks are commonly used, based on the kind or size of the vehicle to be transported or moved: boom, wheel-lift, integrated, flatbed, and lift flatbed. If you are interested in starting your own towing business, research your area to see what type of towing service is highly sought after. This will help you indicate which type of truck you should get.

Know Your Market

Find out the vehicles per capita in your area. Are people more likely to own a car or are people most likely to use public transportation? For example, According to the U.S. Department of Energy, in Alaska, there are approximately 960 registered vehicles per 1000 people, meaning almost everyone in Alaska owns at least one car. The higher the number of car owners in your area, the higher the demand for towing services will be.

Consider also the geography and location of your area. Are there many accident prone areas in your city? Are slippery roads common during wet or winter seasons? If you are in a more accident prone area, your towing business might come in handy on multiple occasions. In cities with limited parking spaces, towing of improperly parked vehicles is also the norm.

Know Your Competition

Find out if your town already has a sufficient number of towing companies. There might be too many trucks that work in the same area. You don’t want to merge into a market that is already over-saturated. Find areas where there are a maximum of 3 towing companies. This way, you can be sure that you will always have a customer.

Hire Certified Professional Operators

A common problem associated with most tow truck drivers, is getting into heated arguments or fights with the illegally-parked-car-owners. Hire people with problem-solving and people skills. This will lessen the problems usually associated with towing. Towing usually earns a bad reputation because of the towing operators not being able to handle situations carefully or professionally.

flat bed tow truckBudget for Preventative Maintenance

Tow trucks are heavily built and sturdy, yet because of constant heavy-duty towing, they are in constant need of repair, check-ups and cleanings to ensure safety and quality service. Having a tow truck break down in the middle of towing another vehicle isn’t exactly what you would expect from a towing service. Unfortunately, this does happen more than you would think.

If you are interested in starting a towing company, you can use this list as a starting point for what you need. You should also reach out to your local DMV or BMV to make sure you have all of the proper licenses needed to be an owner/operator.

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