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Tricks to Keep Your Pool Clean

Keep Your Pools Clean with the Best Cleaning Service in WinnipegWho doesn’t love to feel refreshed by having some lemon iced tea by the poolside? Or how about a birthday evening pool party with your friends? Or a relaxing night with a glass of red wine with friends and loved ones.

Surely, pools make your home feel cooler, fun, or relaxing. It adds ambiance to your place and can be a great venue for parties.

However, in reality, in ordinary days, you’ll have to clean your pool from time to time to maintain clear waters and avoid bacteria from accumulating in the waters. And cleaning your pool isn’t an easy job. It’s even more exhausting than doing household chores.

If you don’t have much time cleaning your swimming pool, visit pool liner Winnipeg for cool pool maintenance services.

But of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll be getting pool maintenance services every day, yet daily you’ll still have to keep your pool in clear waters.

To helps you with this, here are some pool maintenance tricks to keep your pool clean and clear.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Pool

1. Magic It with Baking Soda

Stores that sell pool cleaning tools and agents usually advice you to get an “alkalinity increaser” to keep the pH balance of your swimming pool and prevent bacteria and molds from forming onto it. This may cost some bucks, but you can have baking soda as an alternative. It gives the same results while saving some dollars to your pocket. The amount of baking soda you put will depend on the size of your pool, so search over the internet about the proper baking soda dosage that your pool needs.

2. Let the Tennis Ball Float

Have an Oil-Free Pools with Tennis BallsPeople often apply sun blocks and sun tan lotions on their body before jumping into the pool, and these are mixed into the water, causing more dirt to the pool. Let the tennis ball absorb these oils in your pool to lessen the dirt. Toss at least one standard tennis ball onto your swimming pool and leave your water oil free. You can have the tennis ball float in the pool all the time, or you may also change it from time to time to ensure proper absorption.

3. Clean the Tile Line

Usually, it is on the tile line or the water line where dirt and other contaminants accumulate, formed, and stay. Clean this area at least once a week, and the clarity of the waters in your pool can last longer. Since dirt and other residues are removed from time to time, less dirt will be washed away in that area are mixed into the water which causes it to be cloudy. Cleaning the tile line regularly also prevents calcium buildup that stains your tiles can be very hard to remove or worse may stay permanent.


So to keep you from always having a general cleaning in your pool, it’s better to maintain its cleanliness. In this way, you will have cleaner and clearer waters for a longer period, and you won’t have to always clean it or have it cleaned by somebody else. Keep your swimming pool cool and clean with these easy pool cleaning tricks.

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