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What Are the Different Types of Home Windows?

There are many different options to choose from when replacing your home windows. Some examples of the different types include; Arched, Awning, Bay, Casement, Double Hung, Sliding and Storm windows. Let’s discuss each of the 7 window replacement options in more detail.

Arched:Traditional arch style windows

Arched windows are a great way of letting natural sunlight into your home. When you install an arched or radius window, you let in more light since the peak of the window is higher than the traditional square window.

Radius windows can either have a fixed arch or an arch that opens to let in fresh air. This is a great window to include in your functional home design.


Similar to a radius window, the awning window allows more for air flow into your home. Awning types open outward and are typically used with traditional square windows. These are the same types of windows that are included in a lot of schools above the doorways.

Bay WindowBay:

Bay windows get their name from the little bay area they create inside of a wall. These type of windows face outside of the wall they are in which creates the “Bay” section, similar to a bay-compartment in an airplane. You can use this for placement of decorations, candles, or even a child sitting area. Small pets love climbing up on bay windows to look outside. This is a great addition to any house or farm home.


Similar to its Awning cousin, Casement Windows are hinged by its frame. Unlike the Awning’s top hinge, Casements are hinged at the side of its frame.


Double hung windows have two operable sashes. These windows can be moved down from the top or up from the bottom to let in the outside air. These windows are used a lot in residential homes and are very affordable. Since this type of window is operable from both of its sashes, it is also very easy to open from the outside.

Storm windows chicagoSliding:

Sliding windows do like the name suggests, they slide open and shut. Sliding types are typically very small and are used in rooms that have higher ceilings. These are good to have if you have smaller children since they are out of reach and are very secure.

Storm Windows:

Storm windows are a very affordable alternative to energy efficient windows. They help to lower the cost of heating and cooling bills and come in interior and exterior options. This is the perfect window of choice for people who live in colder climates with harsh winters. You should be cautious to not use PVC alternatives for storm windows. PVC breaks down overtime and you will need to get your window replaced sooner than normal.

When it comes to getting replacement windows Chicago homeowners have to consider many variables. The appearance you wish to convey, your homes design and theme, functionality and cost. If the price isn’t a concern, then go for the windows you like best. Always remember to look at reviews before making any purchase. Finding out what other customers have experienced can go a long way in making your decision.

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